Many of us have seen television programming featuring individuals who resist progress either for a short or long period of time. Individuals may choose to survive in the wilderness, desert, on the water, etc., with minimal supplies and materials for a short period of time. They may live in remote areas and live off the land by trapping or other means. They may choose to buy or build cabins without the benefits of running water or electricity. They may choose to live on islands without road access or inland where access is only available through flight.  Individuals may choose to use bows and arrows to secure a meal. They may be in areas where they were born without any access to modern conveniences.  The list goes on.

However, there are individuals who are in developed areas who use all modern conveniences who, in spite of having sufficient financial resources, elect to not move quickly or not move at all to adopt new technology.  Do you find it fascinating when you call someone and there is no voice mail or answering machine? Isn’t it interesting when people make faces when you inquire if they have a cell phone?  How about the stares you may receive when you pull out a lap top instead of the latest version of a tablet?

With all the modern technology, it is impossible to keep up with the changes. However, simple things seem to have been left by the wayside. Why can’t we simply expect that when we purchase a new screen or extra screen for our computer that it would be compatible – that it would be plug and play?  Why do we have to install a new graphics card just to read the second screen?  Why can’t equipment which has its own power supply use a USB connector and work instead of having to be plugged directly in a computer?  Why can’t a remote device for a television or cable have a low battery indicator?

It is not surprising that people resist change for all kinds of reasons. Not everyone feels the need to take photos with their cell phones and cannot fathom having to upgrade equipment to receive features that they don’t plan to use. Not everyone wants to be available 24/7. Not every parent wants to be told to carry the cell phone and text his or her daughter who is on the second floor of the home that dinner is ready instead of just calling out to the daughter.  Not everyone likes the idea that tracking your activities in the car for purposes of GPS is a good idea, and yet there is little option to disable such features.

Individuals may find that adapting to new technology and new ideas sometimes really makes life easier. The decision to incorporate new technology into your life is a personal one, and whatever decision you make should be respected. The important thing to remember is that many humans resist change and resent being told what to do. Progress has a personal definition and what is progress to you may not be seen in the same light by others. What works for some may not work for you and vice versa. Best to provide information and recommendations only and then step back and respect individual choice and the individuals.

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