Many individuals have different expectations of their electronic connections than they have of their offline connections. Some individuals expect their offline connections to have a modicum of social awareness and self-control, while they do not expect the same of their online connections. For others, the reverse is true; they may have higher expectations from their online connections than they have of their offline connections.  Do you have different expectations of conduct based on whether you communicate with a person offline or online?

Regardless of the expectations, there are always online connections and group members who push the boundaries of courtesy and good taste. Connections and members could disregard the impact that their emails or postings might have on others. They could ignore the requirements of the site that excludes postings that use profanity, or they could post material which might be viewed as libelous. Individuals may ignore messages that request them to take certain actions. They may not play by the rules, and deliberately flaunt authority, or act rudely.

You will observe that many individuals will attempt to calm the rebellious individuals through reason, requests, and tolerance. Most times, this is ineffective. Rebellious connections generally are people who do not have respect for rules and boundaries. They will push the limits. They will be the ones who do not follow the guidelines. They will push until you prohibit them from taking the action they want to take, or until you cut the connection.

The question you have to answer is whether you have any significant reason for continuing to permit their behavior, or maintain the connection.  It becomes a clear case of anticipating what might happen if you do sever the relationship or restrict their behavior, assuming you are in a position to do that.  You have to decide whether doing so is worth it. You will be surprised at how little damage is done by taking action.

These individuals are the equivalent of bullies on the playground. If you are concerned, you can be assured that you are not alone. If you take action to end the situation, you can be assured that you are not alone. Do not permit the online connection or member to take more of your time than is warranted or to cause you concern. Deal with the problem, and deal with it quickly. You will be pleasantly surprised that a weight will be lifted from you, and your online experience will be more gratifying and conflict-free.

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