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Controlling time seems to be a relatively simple thing to do. However, it is amazing how often our time becomes controlled by others because it is expected or we simply give away our control.

Just think back over the last five minutes.  Did you do something because someone else expected it – for example, did you look at the most recent email or text  that came in because it was a on your to-do list or because someone just sent it to you?  Did you answer the telephone because it was a call you were expecting and waiting for or because someone called you unexpectedly?

Many of us may set a schedule for ourselves, either for work or personal reasons.  We may schedule conference calls, meetings, vacations, family activities, personal appointments, etc. These may seem like simple things and under our control. However, if you begin to think about the commitments you make you may be surprised at the extent to which you allow others to control your time—time which is not able to be recovered.  You may schedule appointments but take into consideration other commitments at the same time. Perhaps you have an important meeting in two weeks, and plan to accomplish certain preparatory things. Your time is committed to the meeting and to being ready for it.

However, contemplate how you would choose to spend your time if were free to do so. Would you take more walks, travel, call and visit family and friends more often, make your own specialized coffee drinks or foods, go to movies, the theatre, symphonies, ballets, or soccer games, etc.? Do you regret attending certain events even though you did not want to go, or spending time with people who were negative in general, or negative about you or things which you appreciate?

Do you read, study, worship God if you are a believer, enjoy the beauty of the world, or just relax as much as you want?

Time is the one thing which is a gift to us – a measure of the past and not recoverable.  Every moment should be cherished – not something to throw away and not remember.

Always take a moment to assess how you spend your time, how you want to remember it, and with whom you give your time and talents. Time is important and how you spend it makes a difference in the lives of others as well.

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