If you are reading this blog you must be among the many people who subscribe to or are members of more than one virtual social network and, therefore, have the ability to use all the bells and whistles of the platform on which that social network resides. Have you ever explored all the features of each platform?

Most of us join a social network because someone we know or want to know belongs to that platform or has recommended it to us. If you are like most of us, you do a cursory review of the platform, fill in the data about ourselves that is required, and voila become members.  We explore the obvious applications available on the site, such as – can we post, can we send in-mail to other members, etc.?  Then we move onto to the next thing on our to do list.

The rush to join various networks can be invigorating. Joining multiple networks can be beneficial. Being able to quickly communicate with individuals whom you may or may not know in those networks is phenomenal.  However, we may be not fully taking advantage of everything a particular network has to offer or aware of its restrictions, if we do not step back and learn more about the actual mechanics of that network.

Does the lack of taking time to fully understand these mechanics cause a problem? Perhaps. We chose to simplify our participation, and by doing so, may not access the technology which could help us connect, develop stronger business relationships, or ease our workload.  Using only the basic social network technology is like having a cell phone and never using text messaging, or a great camera and never changing the settings for light or distance. You can enjoy and use the technology, but you may be missing out on something that you might really appreciate and is beneficial to you. 

Think about taking the time and singling out one social network to which you belong. Fully explore it, the settings, etc.  Then take another one and do the same. You may be surprised at some of the features which might be there and are not readily apparent.  You also might find some restrictions which don’t work for you. Post discussion threads and let others help you learn, answer questions, etc. Make suggestions for improvement on the platform. Platform operators and moderators need to know what you need or want to have to make the platform stronger and work for you.

Let people know what you have discovered that works in a platform in order that others can benefit from your experience. Don’t buzz about writing negative things about the platform or deleting your membership if you are disappointed for any reason before you give the moderators and platform owners a chance to respond. Buzz about being a change agent and take the positive route.

What is your buzz about?