Perhaps you have reached the point that you are so “connected” that keeping up with networks, connections, and groups is becoming increasingly more of a responsibility than a benefit. You may be experiencing that level of personal commitment where you question the benefits of social media entirely. Often, you will hear evangelists speak of the value of personal connections and that electronic communication is not a substitution for face-to-face meeting.

Do not get caught up in the concept that you have an equal responsibility to each of your networks, groups, or connections. You do not need to visit each segment of your on-line presence each day. However, if you do chose to make a commitment to an individual, group, or network, keep that commitment. Without a personal interaction, all you have on-line is your word—your reputation.

It is possible that even with all your connections or linkages to individuals that more is not enough. Adding more and more connections, groups or networks is not the answer to developing a stronger business or increased personal satisfaction and joy. More may not be enough.  In general, individuals grow networks and connections quickly, and then slow down. In some cases, these individuals begin to receive requests from their connections which are not relevant to the reason that they connected with those individuals. You must remember that other individuals may agree to connect with you or reach out to connect with you for reasons different from your reasons.

You may be connecting with individuals solely to be able to reach a larger audience. That is not by itself an inappropriate reason. However, do not be surprised if the connections you make turn out to add you to mailing lists, hit you with sales pitches, ask you for referrals and recommendations, or boast about the number of their connections. These individuals
are truly part of the more is not enough syndrome in the race to be the individual with the most connections or the most successful connections. Think of these individuals as the users in your network—they come with the approach of connecting for the sake of connecting to others, similar to you potentially.

You can decide to move quickly or slow in the social media space. People may make demands of you but that does not mean that you have to respond to those demands unless you made a personal commitment to do so. You do not have to add every group, app, or individual recommended to you. You do not have to provide referrals or recommendations unless you chose to do so. You do not need to respond within 24 hours or less to everything that everyone sends to you. You do not need to read every email in its entirety.  Your more – whatever that is – may not be enough. You have to evaluate whether more will deliver your enough or whether quality instead of quantity needs to be part of the mix.

What is your buzz about?