Welcome to What’s the Buzz About at www.whatsthebuzzabout.com and thank you for visiting my blog. The main purpose for this blog is to stretch our thinking and to encourage and enable the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

Many of the blogs will center on the softer issues of social media and social networking, though not all. Therefore, don’t expect to find a posting on how to create a blidget or a detailed analysis of a certain technology, etc. You may find a recommendation or discussion about certain technology, group, or forum. You may find a blog about a recent announcement, etc. In general, I will be posting blogs on this site on topics that interest me and, I trust will be of interest to you. You may see a guest blogger here on occasion.

Please feel free to comment –the good, the bad, etc. because I want to hear from you. Please feel free to suggest topics, ways to improve the postings, etc. That is what exchanging ideas is all about to me – to help us become more knowledgeable, more open-minded, and more willing to contribute.

I look forward to our interactions! Buzz on in!

Margaret Orem