Buzz  – is an appropriate word to use for us social networkers. What is buzz? Our colleagues at Wikipedia today use the term “hubbub” to describe buzz and Merriam-Webster Online seems to use the applicable terms “murmer,  wisper, go quickly” to describe a buzz.

Let’s  think of the term ‘buzz’ in two ways for purposes of this blog:

  1. Rapid and consistent activity and
  2.  What is “hot” at the moment (i.e., what are people talking about today? )

 We are all moving quickly through this space, taking care of business, friends, family, community, social and personal matters, environmental and other great causes and initiatives. The whole time we do this, we are processing information and data at enormous speed – discounting and forgetting some, making written notes and following up on others, moving other data to others, etc.

We use almost every part of our brain every day, though not all of it is used at one time, just like not all our muscles are used at the same time. We don’t have a brain drain, we are absorbing information at a phenomenal speed and those of us with a thirst for knowledge, buzz about gathering knowledge just like bees gather pollen. No wonder they are so busy, it takes a bee over 240 hours to collect about a teaspoon of pollen. Aren’t we fortunate in how much knowledge we can gather and how productive we can be in the same amount of time and that bees exist which enables humans to exist?

The question for us becomes to focus or not to focus.  If you are buzzing – what are you buzzing about?  Are you just buzzing with no definite purpose or destination or for the sheer joy of buzzing? Or are you buzzing with a purpose, a clear direction, a path, a target? How about your colleagues, your friends, your family – have you started them buzzing as well on a focused or non-focused path?

What is your buzz about?