The word ridiculous means literally, laughable, from rid?re to laugh, arousing or deserving ridicule : absurd, preposterous.

Everyday we watch the news and announcement of developments around the social web. Some of what we see is ground breaking progress while other stories seem absolutely ridiculous.

Subsequently we’ve decided to write a once a week story titled “How Ridiculous is This?” in which we will highlight news and announcements as well as perspectives that seem, well, ridiculous to say the least.

What is the Value if Knowing the Ridiculous?

Well just maybe if something shows up in our “ridiculous column” you may get a laugh, a warning to not waste your time or a perspective to broaden your own thinking about what can be done vs. what shouldn’t be done using all this “social stuff”. For instance some of our themes will include:

  1. How many different social networks should one person join?
  2. How “social” is some of today’s media
  3. Can business really be social?
  4. How virtual can life really be?
  5. Do advertisers really think we’re that stupid?
  6. Voting negative on blog post, give me a break
  7. The validity of voting on the web period
  8. Joining an anti-social community
  9. Do you really think everything will be free forever?
  10. And the list will go on and on and on

There is a lot of ridiculous “things” happening throughout the web. If you happen to come across a story or have one of your own which you consider “Ridiculous” simply add it to this weekly post or send it to us and we’ll add it to our weekly list and give you proper attribution for the story.

Sound ridiculous? Well that is up to you. Stay tuned and send us your own ridiculous stories.