Sometimes we want to post new topics or respond to posts in a group or forum. We may submit our post and it might immediately show up because the group is not moderated or we are pre-approved to post.  However, our postings may be subject to the approval of a moderator who may or may not be online most of the time and who may or may not approve it. So, how do we know whether our response or posting will see the light of day if the group is moderated?

General Group Posting Rules for Content

  • It should be relevant. Do not attempt to discuss the results of a final soccer match on a group with Lean Six Sigma in the title.
  • It should be succinct and clear. You are busy, so are the readers. Let them know what you want them to know quickly.
  • It should be free from content error. Make sure that your facts are accurate, and that you are not passing on a rumor. If you are providing advice, make sure that the advice is on point.
  • It should be free from egregious spelling and grammatical errors. You want the readers to focus on the content.
  • It should be word neutral. Do not use words that may not be understood in many countries or are considered jargon. Do not use words that are offensive to any particular segment of individuals.
  • It should not attempt to force someone to sign up on a group in order to explore the information contained in the post. For example, do not list an event which requires someone to sign up for another network just to learn more about the event.
  • It should be suitable for reproduction on the front page of any newspaper.  Make sure that what you put in print, you will stand by and it would “make your mother proud.”
  • Do not insult, disrespect, or discount anything that anyone else in the group has posted.  It is unnecessary to tear someone else down to make a point. Agree to disagree and move on.
  • Do not monopolize the group by posting too much. Encourage others off and online to contribute their thoughts.
  • Do not post acknowledgement phrases which might clutter the conversation, or worse, potentially shut it down. For example, do not post phrases such as “thank you” or “I wish I would have thought of that.”
  • If you are filled with emotion for any reason, wait to post. Give yourself a few minutes before you post.
  • Reread your post before posting. Reading it out loud also helps.
  • Use the rule of thumb- Would you want to read what you posted? Is it trustworthy?  

Please let me know of any other general rules you use.  Happy Posting!

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