Whether your competition is another business or organization, your best friend or someone who competes in your sport, etc., you can be certain that someone will always be interested in learning more about them and you. That curiosity may result in an electronic search for you and your competition. You may even compete with yourself and also do searches on yourself to verify the accuracy of the information, look for individuals who might share all or part of your name, or look at your rankings and your scores on various social media platforms or networks.

Social Media Considerations

Regardless, you have to determine how and where you want to be represented. Do you establish a presence on a particular social media platform just to have a presence or just because your competition has a presence already? Do you register domain names that are even close to your name or close to your competition’s just to protect them from being purchased and used by your competition? Do you post on blogs daily, weekly, monthly, or just when you have something significant to comment on even though your competition may have a blog presence?  Are you negative on your social media postings (negative campaigning for example)?  Are you concerned about taking public positions which might be unpopular?

Technology and Software Considerations

Do you believe that you have to have the latest technology or software to keep up with your competition? Do individuals put pressure on you to purchase certain brands? Do you sign up in advance for the latest cell phone or stand in long lines to purchase a new cell phone even though you just got your current cell phone last year? Do you brag about your company’s technological “superiority” or that you are always on the cutting edge?

Other Considerations

Do you have to have the most expensive celebrity named sneakers just to make a statement or to believe that you fit in with the popular crowd? Are you afraid to confess your faith because you might be the butt of jokes? Are you concerned about speaking up in meetings, in school, to your colleagues and friends just because you might make a mistake?  Do you walk, talk, and carry yourself with confidence regardless of who is around you. Do you step out in confidence even though your competitor may be more technologically advanced, smarter, more attractive, have a better web site, etc.?

You are the Best

Regardless of your competition, you are the best. You are a unique individual, corporation or organization. With 7 billion people in the world, there is room for you and your competitor. All you have to do is be the best you. You can do that without having the latest whatever and without being negative. Be confident, energetic, and enthusiastic, and people will be drawn to you because they will know that you care. It doesn’t matter whether everyone agrees with your beliefs. Differences are part of humanity.  Your competition just makes you stronger.

What is your buzz about?