Many people view technology as something which is necessary or at a minimum supports their goals and lifestyles. It quickly becomes apparent to what extent individuals are dependent upon technology when it is not available, inflexible, or unreliable.

For example, you may travel and find that internet access is not available at that location or that you are prohibited from viewing certain websites or making certain search queries. You may experience power outages, lack of cell phone transmission access, faulty equipment, or software glitches which may seem to impede your progress or plans.

Your resilience to such challenges speaks volumes to your character with respect to considering any such impediment as an excuse not to continue to work on a project or remain focused on your goal. Technology should always be only one supporting means to an end – not the only means to an end.

If email is down use another form of communication—fax, hand delivery, wire, call, delivery service, meet face-to-face, etc. Technology of any kind is simply a tool for us to use to our benefit. We managed as civilizations to exist before technology and we can certainly manage to handle an occasional technology interruption. First paintings, then words, then stones, then handwriting, paper, printing presses, telegraphs, carbon paper, mimeo machines and photocopiers,  telephones, television, and up the technological chain—all viable forms of communication. Handshakes consummated contracts long before e-signatures became commonplace.

If you own or rent a car without GPS, you can survive. If you do not send or receive text messages, you can still be effective. If you wake up and have to make your own coffee or tea because you do not a timed brewer, life still goes on. If the restaurant rest room does not have a blower to dry your hands, your hands will still dry. If you don’t have a tablet you are not alone. If you go on vacation and leave your alarm watch or cell phone in the room, you will still know when it is time to have dinner and to go to sleep. If your front door doesn’t have a door bell, people still can knock.

You should always use technology to enhance your life and not control it. You are the one in control. You choose to adapt or not adapt any product or software. Do not permit your friends, family, and co-workers to cajole or attempt to shame you into using or purchasing something you do not want. Don’t let your life be transformed into something that does not make you feel comfortable simply because it might be something that clones another’s life just because that individual thinks you should. You choose to make your life what you want it to be, not what someone else thinks it should be.

You drive technology – do not permit it to drive you or change who you are.

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