Protecting Your Legacy

Protecting Your Legacy

Many pundits speculate that your electronic communication may be resurrected for ages to come. You may or may not subscribe to that premise. However, just as you may have chosen to protect your current reputation, there are other aspects of your media legacy which you should consider.

What you select to share may be considered as your preferences even if it is related to a group you formed solely for work, school or your employer, or simply something you were asked to find by another person and post. There is always an assumption that your social media words or emails are the real you when, in fact, they may be posted simply to satisfy an outside demand, perceived or real.

One way to help your legacy define you is to archive postings which are not reflective of how you want to be perceived in the long term. You may have posted a meme which you found interesting but with which you do not agree.  Delete it after the posting serves its purpose.  If what you posted does not give you joy, delete it or hide it. It may still reside in the ubiquitous cloud but having only things which reflect “you” currently posted will provide a legacy which is more realistic.

Your legacy may mean something to your relatives, friends, and loved ones. Leaving them with true reflections of you will mean a lot to them in the long run.  You do not have to allow things that others posted to your groups or timelines with which you do not agree or find offensive to remain online and live for years. Every posting has a season, which might be a day, a month, a year, or seventy years.  You have the capability to decide.

The same attitude should prevail when you decide what social media sites you are active on from a personal standpoint. Think about whether your membership, participation, and content is reflective of you, and whether you are happy or content as a result.

You do not have to share all aspects of your life online. You do not have to buy into whatever the social media site pushes you to do, post, or read.  Life is truly a series of choices. You can delete a profile. You can start over. You can create what you want. You can be as visible or invisible as you want. You can decide to share your favorite or least-favorite things, or your private information such as age, political or religious affiliations, etc. You make the decision. You remain in control.

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